About Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Leslie Joy Ickowitz possesses a passionate spirit devoted to exploring possibilities and her unique perspectives have earned her the reputation as an authority on the lifestyle experience. An avid world traveler, Leslie understands that the meaning of life lies in the journey. With appreciation for the beauty that surrounds her, she seeks opportunities to make a difference in her community, inspires others to achieve their potential, to get VERTICAL…and to be part of something fabulous!

“The reality is, for Tampa Bay’s fashion scene to exist, we have to claim it. Make it so. Inspire each other and support local.” ~Leslie Joy  


L’Shana Tova. Blessings for a sweet New Year. Love, Leslie Joy  

Thank you for showing the world what a beautiful place Tampa Bay is. ~ Tim McGuire

Congratulations on achieving your dreams! So original, so unique, so edgy and so VERTICAL! ~ Michelle Sanchez


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