Rising to the Occasion

To Elevate the Scene in Downtown Tampa

Story by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

It was 6 o'clock on an otherwise mellow evening when I discovered it. Pitter pat, pitter pat! At once, my heartbeat caught on to the rhythm of The Urban Conga. 

They had me at "experiential wealth" and the origami project. Like looking at life through rose colored lenses, my thoughts went wild with visions of interactive art installations breathing life into downtown Tampa. With empty spaces transformed into public art. Art to be consumed by the casual passerby and by those who actively seek it out.  

A sign of the times, I came across The Urban Conga on Facebook in a post by Tempus Projects—a local artist-run project space. It swept me off my feet. I sprung to action—quickly contributing to The Urban Conga's Kickstarter project and then calling in some fabulous reinforcements to help spread the word (I count you, our VERTICAL readers among them—wink wink).

This is the cool factor we've been waiting for ladies and gentlemen. It's up to us to make it so. Rise to the occasion, support and join the [Urban] Conga line. Then we can all "come out and play."


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