All We Need is Love

Story and Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

I photographed this naturally occurring heart shape at Antelope Canyon out west and remember feeling lucky to spot it. It reminds me of all that can be revealed to us if we are open to exploring different angles and that looking beyond the obvious can unearth something marvelous. Love is in the air this week so I thought it apropos to share my heart with you. 

Love is universal. Everyone needs love and it comes in various forms. Love exists between couples and between friends. Love is shared between brothers and between mothers and daughters. Love thy neighbor. 

No one knows when or where love will show up. I tell my single friends who are looking for the romantic kind to hang out in airports because that's where I found mine. But that's a whole other love story. 

Love has the power to save the world. Sometimes, when humanity seems to have lost its (collective) mind or when ugliness surrounding us blocks out the light, all we need is a reminder. All we need is love.  

This Valentine's Day it's our pleasure to invite you to "Infectious—The Art of Glitter" at BlueLucy Gallery on The 600 Block of Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg. The opening takes place Friday night from 7-11p.m. where work by 31 artists will sparkle for all to see.*

*This show features adult content 

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