I Need a Bath

A Traveling Owl’s Point of Viewwwwww

Photography by Leslie Joy Ickowitz

Whooooooo am I? Olivia! I've been riding around religiously in Leslie Joy's pocket for years now! I carry her credit cards, cash and ID. We've been to California, the Carolinas, the Keys and Savannah together. I'm a little tired which is why I'm staying home now to take a bath and focus on my blogging.

I'm an owl. An observer. I like to share my favorite pictures, and, uhhh, well, observations.

A few things you should know: I turn my beak up at authority. Whhhhat evidence? Whhhhhere? I enjoy a good glass of sangria and I can be a little snarky. Other than that, I’m delightful. Oh, and I love turndown service. 


Since I love to wander, and since birds flock together, I thought I'd introduce you to some feathered friends I've met on Leslie Joy Original photo safaris.

Enjoy the view. See youuuuuu soon...

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