Narrating the New Millennium

Story and Photography by Becca Barton

Today, it seems as though everyone, their mother, their sister, their grandmother, and their dog has a blog. Although it was written off as a hobby in the beginning, regular people now make a living off of their blogs, sharing their ideas and opinions on far-reaching topics from fashion to food, travel to DIY, with anyone willing to read.

It’s easy to see why blogs became so popular—given the opportunity to easily share and connect with the world, wouldn’t you? Everyone has a voice in our generation, and blogging provides a microphone to anyone willing to speak up. Naturally, many people have taken advantage.

Offering readers the chance to view opinions, the term “unbiased” has no place on blogs.  Blogging makes it easy to digest the unfiltered opinions and ideas of people around the world.

From a reader’s perspective, following blogs offers a glimpse into the lives of other people in a much more in-depth and personalized way than other forms of social media. Lengthier than a tweet, more pixels than an Instagram, and more customizable than a Facebook page, blogs offer a much more intimate experience. Blogs become the blogger’s online home—domain, if you will—and their writing style, photos, and design all combine to communicate their personality and aesthetic.


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