A Pop of Palazzo

Curating my perfect closet

Story and Photography by Becca Barton

Every so often, one has the good fortune of stumbling across an item in a store that is so utterly amazing that it simply cannot be left hanging on the rack. Such was the case when I wandered through the booths at Seminole Heights Antique a few weekends ago. There, amidst the toys and furniture, lay the most perfect pair of palazzo pants I had ever seen.

It was an unusual choice for me, considering my vow to skinny jeans; “Till death do us part.” Although the palazzos went against my usual style, I picked them up anyway and tried them on. And, of course, they fit perfectly. As if that wasn’t convincing enough, visions of wearing the pants with my silky white camisole, teal sidebag hung on a shoulder and a pair of black heels filled my head.

It’s times like these that shopping feels more like curating. Every choice we make when we buy something helps define and refine our style, whether we consciously think of it in the process or not.

As we pick and choose the pieces we like, our closets become museums, reflecting who we are. We have different pieces to satisfy all the different aspects of our personality: long, flowing skirts for when we’re feeling romantic, button-ups and blazers for when the occasion calls for something tailored, and that trendy piece for when we’re ready to spice things up.

Although I’m not entirely sure what these palazzo pants say about my personality, they do satisfy my inner 70s child.



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