A Dose of Serendipity

Captured in Pictures

Story and Photography by Latrenia Bryant

It's a small world after all. You may have heard of “six degrees of separation”—the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six or fewer links—which introduces the notion that you can meet someone unexpectedly and fabulous things can happen. And sometimes, someone you know, someone right under your nose, can reveal possibilities you may have never thought of.

This type of serendipity recently befell me, Léa Himbaza Schadrac and Jhane Jae (Jourdian). Imagine a group of individuals who know each other simply as co-workers and nurses, completely unaware of the others’ skills and talents and too humble to speak of it themselves coming together for a fantastic project. Repeatedly recognized for their talents by other coworkers, word of mouth led to the revelation of a perfect fit between us—one completely unrelated to nursing and patient care.

Jhane Jae is a former Hip-hop artist turned manager. Léa Himbaza Schadrac is an inspiring R&B and Pop artist with amazing vocals. I am a "style" photographer. Léa approached Jourdian to be her manager and then Jourdian came to me for promotional photos for the new artist she had acquired. Later I found out that Léa was the artist and I did not hesitate when they asked me to fly to Fort Lauderdale to do her promotional photos in Miami.

Although we are no longer working together in the place where we first met, the three of us have maintained the bond that brought us together—that chance occurrence one day at work. And through my photography, I present Léa Himbaza Schadrac.

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